Bernese Award for Environmental Research


Main Prize

The Main Prize goes to Dr. Antoni Margalida for his outstanding dissertation on the European bearded vulture population. For more than 20 years, Antoni Margalida has worked with great dedication, academic excellence, and practical success for the conservation of the European bearded vulture. His findings on these endangered birds of prey and their livelihoods are extremely valuable and have resulted in effective protection programs. Neither the strengthening of the bearded vulture population in the Pyrenees nor the reintroduction of bearded vultures in the Alps would be possible without the unique expertise and tireless lobbying of Antoni Margalidas.

Recognition Award

The Recognition Award goes to Iris Staubesand for her master’s thesis on the beginnings and developments of organic farming in Switzerland (Die biologische Landwirtschaft in der Schweiz: Anfänge und Entwicklungen). The work focuses on the explanation of the strong increase in organic farms from 1999 to 2005 and the subsequent decrease of these farms from 2005 to 2008. The thesis is a model for dedicated analytical research that will contribute to the clarification of relevant social issues.

The Rector of the University of Bern with the laureates of the Bernese Award for Environmental Research 2013/2014. L-R: Dr. A. Margalida, I. Staubesand, Prof. Dr. M. Täuber. Photo: Manu Friederich, © University of Bern, Communication Office