Bernese Award for Environmental Research

What laureates say about the Bernese Award for Environmental Research

Recognition of unconventional research

“My doctoral dissertation winning the Bernese Award for Environmental Research showed me that the University of Bern also recognizes unconventional research outside the mainstream. The award boosted my motivation to continue working in environmental research.”

Dr. Loretta Müller, University Children's Hospital Basel, Main Prize winner 2011

Motivation until today

“Winning the Bernese Award for Environmental Research was, for myself and my team at CDE, an important recognition of comprehensive research for sustainable development in and with the global South. Having received this award still motivates me today, to keep contributing to raising the profile of the University of Bern in the field of global change and sustainability.”

Prof. Thomas Breu, Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Bern, Main Prize winner 2007

Valuable recognition by several disciplines

“Receiving the Bernese Award for Environmental Research for my dissertation was a great appreciation and acknowledgment of the selected research approach. This recognition by representatives of various disciplines was especially important to me. I am still very proud today to be a laureate of this award, which underlined and made visible my research interests and profile. The Bernese Award for Environmental Research is an important tool for encouraging talented environmental researchers in their efforts.”

Dr. Silvia Ulli-Beer, Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen, Main Prize winner 2005

Laurels off the beaten track

“Receiving this Award primarily confirmed to me that there are laurels to be had off the beaten track. That is the message I took with me on my path outside of science.”

Dr. Martin Flügel, Travail.suisse, Main Prize winner 2001

Important element in the mosaic of a scientific career

“Receiving the Bernese Award for Environmental Research confirmed my belief that interdisciplinary research is more important than ever. The publicity surrounding this award is surely also an effect of the positive and differentiated perception of such issues among the public. For me this award was a further element in the mosaic in my career.”

Prof. Dr. Patricia Holm, University of Basel, Main Prize winner 1999